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Managing your belongings have never been that easy. No subscriptions, no login - use it forever for low, one time fee. 

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Add, search, organize

Catalogue all the things you have with ease. Use places (e.g. “basement”), categories (e.g. “electronics”) and tags (eg. “for vacation”) for poweful items organization. Find the items easily. 





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Power features

Created for fast, easy usage by basic users. Build with power users in mind. Crafted by professional designers focused on easthetics, joy of use and functionality.

Manage multiple items at once

Move items between places/categories/tags

Be notified (local notifications) of important item events

Beatiful and balanced design - easthetics vs features 

Optimised for super fast performance 

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Private and secure

Your privacy is our top priority. All your date is stored on your iPhone only. No external servers. No APIes used. We do not send your data anywhere. You do not have to register or login.

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Keep your mind focused on better things then remembering where someting is.

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People said...

"If you look for something that could organize things, get it!"

- poorerleno

"A very cool app. I recommend."

- kmurawsk

"An interesting app for inventorying - especially places such as a garage :) maybe now I can find the screws I need sooner;)"

- PaweloG

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us if you have other questions or to send your feedback and suggestions.

It's just small one time fee and you can use it forever. All features. No limitations. No subscriptions. That simple and fair..

No, you do not need to sign in.

All your data is securely stored on your phone, locally (using Apple CoreData database technology). Thanks to this you do not have to pay any subscription fee for storing data on outside servers. This means that all the items and rooms you stored on your phone will not be synchronized with your other Apple devices. We may implement ability to backup/import/export data later - or even (paid) cloud storage. All depends on your - Itemido users - feedback and requests. 

Yes. All your data, including pictures is stored locally on your device. We use Apple CoreData database technology. Itemido does not send any information or pictures to any servers or to any cloud. We value and respect your privacy. 

All information you provide to Itemido app (including pictures) is stored only locally - on your own phone. No cloud, no external servers. 

Box label is optional info or tag you can use while naming your boxes or rooms. It can help you rapidly organize, search and tag boxes. Especially handy when you have lots of boxes. 

Box can be anything that will contain your items. It can be box, room, piece of furniture, room, building. Whatever you wish and your imagination will tell you. In this version of Itemido app (1.0) for simplicity reasons we only have very simply structure with no hierarchy between containers. So, we only have boxes that contain items. No rooms that contain boxes etc. Just as simple as it can be - box with items.